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  • Welcome to Chiropractie Drewry

Welcome to Chiropractie Drewry

Amsterdam and Beverwijk Chiropractor

Chiropractors specialize in providing solutions for painful conditions in the human body:

  • pain in the back, neck, head or shoulder
  • weakness, numbness, and/or tingling,
  • headaches
  • tennis or golf elbow
  • knee pain

Discover How Chiropractic Can Help!

If you have a problem that other health care providers have not been able to solve, visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. Most chiropractic patients have tried other types of treatments before they visit a chiropractor.

Case Studies

Headaches and Neck Pain Arm Numbness and Low back Pain Back Pain, Knee Pain Middle Back Pain Low back Hernia and Migraines Headaches and Neck Pain (2) Wrist Pain See Our Case Studies

No Referrals Needed for Consultation

Patients at Chiropractie Drewry come mostly from local medical doctors and surgeons at local hospitals. Chiropractie Drewry currently receives referrals from Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital and the smartest local huisartsen. If your huisarts does not refer you, no problem. You do not need a referral from anyone to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. Read more➤➤

Uitzonderlijke Chiropractie zorg op twee locaties | Exceptional Chiropractic care in two locations

Chiropractie Drewry
Pijnackerstraat 2
Amsterdam, NH 1072 JT

Phone: 020 846 0511

Chiropractie Drewry
Koningstraat 62
1941 BE Beverwijk
Phone 0251-293139

Doctors and surgeons agree, visit Chiropractie Drewry in Amsterdam or Beverwijk today!